Book Reviews

          Our Colony Beyond The City Of Ruins by Janalyn Guo

          Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins, the debut collection from Janalyn Guo, presents twelve pieces of fabulist fiction bursting with splendid and unsettling transformations.



          Sparrow by Diogo Ribeiro

          Our father kept a hole in his chest.



          An Interview With Michael Nye

          Michael Nye discusses his novel All The Castles Burned and his editorship of STORY with Kathy Bates.


          Book Reviews

          Miss Jane: The Lost Years by Kat Meads

          In a happy postscript to Kat Meads’ novel, Miss Jane: The Lost Years, the female chorus celebrates a fact often lost in stories about sexual predation: victims manage to escape their abusers and “defeat every tiny tyrant.”

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          Tabula Rasa by Jon Doyle

          Every morning, I write the day’s most important headlines on a blackboard.



          An Interview With Melanie Hatter

          Amina Gautier talks to Melanie Hatter about her short story collection Let No One Weep For Me, her latest novel Malawi’s Sisters, and the novel’s path to publication.

          Book Reviews

          Alligators in the Night by Meg Pokrass

          Meg Pokrass’ newest collection of flash and micro fiction titled Alligators at Night illustrates why she is a master of short fiction.



          The American Family Johnson Throws a Birthday by Robert John Miller

          Ernie’s nephew, Fritz, received his party invitation by way of email while hauling a truckload of scratch-n-dent candies to a backcountry cattle ranch two weeks in advance.

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          Book Reviews

          The Lonesome Bodybuilder by Yukiko Motoya, tr Asa Yoneda

          The tales in The Lonesome Bodybuilder place the reader in seemingly ordinary settings — so ordinary that when the strangeness encroaches in the form of alien customers and umbrellas that make businessmen fly, Yukiko Motoya’s narration blends the bizarre so seamlessly into its mundane backdrop that we easily accept it.



          Flight Aids Minus the Wings and Fuselage by Julie C. Day

          Let’s be honest, references to the body of an airplane are nothing but linguistic propaganda. Metal wings and manufactured fuselages are the antithesis of scar-powered, human flight. An obvious truth: people can’t surmount their own hard ground while strapped in and contained.

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          An Interview With David H. Lynn

          David H. Lynn discusses his new short story collection Children of God and his editorship of the Kenyon Review with Grayson Treat.